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Drain Cleaning

Pipe Hawk Utility Management have formed a strategic partnership with Patriot Environmental who are experts in high pressure drain cleaning.


Pipe Hawk have vast experience in cleaning stormwater, sewer pipes, culverts, gullies and drains. The Recycler Combination Unit is able to remove a range of materials and waste debris from sewers and drains, including oily waste, dirty ballast, sludge, sewage, tree roots, debris, sediment, grease, silt and sludge.

  • Cleaning sewer pipes, stormwater drains & culverts
  • Drain cleaning of silt, debris and fats
  • Flood recovery works
  • Clearing of blockages and root removal
  • Transportation and waste disposal
  • CCTV surveys to assess the condition of pipes
  • Manhole cleaning
  • Reservoir and pump station cleaning
  • Gross pollutant trap cleaning
  • Tank, well and vessel cleaning


Patriot has the latest in High Performance European Recycler Industrial Vacuum Drain Cleaners. These units utilise the most advance water recycling technologies in the market place to provide the most efficient
Combination Water Recycling for effective drain cleaning and vacuum recovery.

  • Kroll Recycler Combo Unit
  • J. Hvidtved Larsen RECycler®
  • Cappellotto Recycler Units
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