Repair Service
No Dig Pipe Repairs

Pipe Hawk Utility Management has the capability to patch joints or pipe sections internally using our Epros drain packer, without any excavation required.


Patches are generally 600mm in length, and can be installed in pipes from 100mm to 100mm. Each patch installed comes with an engineering warranty of 50 years.

  • Leakage with or without groundwater infiltration or exfiltration at pipe joints, pipe walls, lateral junctions etc.
  • Offset pipes, cracks and debris, ruptures
  • Mechanical wear
  • Corrosion


  • Repairs damage in the pipe and joint region over a length of 0.6m or less
  • Enables installers to close lateral junctions
  • Repairs pipes of nominal diameters from DN 100 to DN 600
  • Can repair circular pipes made of concrete, asbestos cement, plastics (PVC, PP, HDPE), cast iron, ductile cast iron, reinforced concrete and vitrified clay.


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